Nevada turns 150 this month. We want to know 150 reasons why you get a flu vaccine.

“Most of the time we make medical decisions based on what we perceive to be in our individual best interest,”

The World is a Sick Place; Stay Healthy and Get a Flu Vaccine

You’re in a meeting at work, and your three co-workers in your teeny-tiny meeting room are all sniffling, sneezing and hacking.

Reflections on Courage

Have you seen the new Oprah cup sleeves at Starbucks? Monday morning was the first day I saw them; I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes – and the sleeve on my green tea looked like this:

Our troops need flu shots (and other vaccinations) too!

As we celebrated Veteran’s Day earlier this week, we respectfully remember those who lost their lives on battlefields to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.

Improving flu vaccination education and promotion in underserved populations

Even though everyone six months and older should get vaccinated to protect from the flu, some populations have a tough time getting a flu vaccine.


It’s flu season! So what does that mean for you and your family?