Oct 03, 2014

Nevada turns 150 this month. We want to know 150 reasons why you get a flu vaccine.

“Most of the time we make medical decisions based on what we perceive to be in our individual best interest,” wrote Oregon family doctor Michael Grady in an opinion piece he wrote for the Statesman Journal. “In getting a flu shot, we remind ourselves and teach our children that as members of a community, we can take opportunities to make our society stronger, regardless of whether we personally benefit. Our vaccination may protect that frail elder in church on Sunday and our child’s immunization may protect her classmate with asthma.”

We in Nevada are members of a community. Whether we live in Las Vegas or Reno, Winnemucca or Elko, Lovelock or Tonopah, we have an obligation to care for each other.

There are so many good reasons to get your annual flu vaccination. For some, they’ve had the flu before — and they never, ever, ever want it again. For others, it’s to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Whether you are getting the flu shot or flu mist, you’re making our community a healthier place. (And we thank you for that!)

We’re guessing, there are at least 150 reasons to get a flu vaccine. Give or take.

To commemorate Nevada’s 150th birthday this year — culminating in a November 1st Nevada Day celebration —InFLUence Nevada is asking you to help us come up with 150 reasons to get a flu vaccination.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #150ReasonsNV or leave a comment below. And on November 1st , we’ll select one contributor at random to win a Nevada-themed prize from InFLUence Nevada.

So, we want to know, why do you choose to get a flu vaccination?

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