Immunization Records

Nevada WebIZ is a confidential, online computer system used in the State of Nevada to keep track of immunization records. A official record obtained through Nevada WebIZ can be used as proof of immunization for school entry, summer camp, employment, etc.

5 Easy Steps to Finding a Record Through the Public Access Portal:

1. Visit the Public Access Portal at:

2. Enter the Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender of the person whose record you are searching for and click “Search.”

3. Choose how you would like to receive a verification code - text or email. Enter the code when prompted. 

If you receive an error message at this point, it could be because:

a) There is no record in the registry for that person;
b) Your search criteria may have been typed incorrectly. Check your information, correct if needed & search again;
c) The information in the registry may be stored incorrectly;
d) The Help Desk listed below can assist you if you cannot find your record

4. Once a record is found, click “Print Official Immunization Record.”

5. Print and/or save the Official Immunization Record (Adobe .pdf format).

For additional help, contact the Nevada WebIZ Help Desk. (775) 684-5954 or email