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Download one of our immunization toolkits today! We've compiled best practices and resources, saving you time and helping increase your practice's immunization rates. You can also order FREE materials from us for your clinics. Download this form and return to us. 

HPVFreeNV Toolkit: Fact sheets, how to talk to parents, how to have HPV vaccine success, 2 dose schedule information, vaccine information statements, sample social media posts. 

InFLUence Others 2018-19 Flu Season Toolkit: Provider checklist, flu vaccine products, standing orders, safe injection practices, doses for children aged 8 and under, vaccine information statements, Nevada WebIZ, consumer materials.

FluFIT Toolkit for providers who see patients age 50 and over: Flowchart, talking points, screening chart, log and tracking templates, American Cancer Society guidelines.

Adult Immunization Toolkit: Standards for adult immunization practice - assessment, recommendation, administration, referral, documentation; billing and coding, improving immunization practices, sample social media posts.

WIC Toolkit: Includes resources for Nevada WIC providers including how to access immunization information in Nevada WebIZ, the latest technical bulletins outlining immunization requirements for school and childcare settings in Nevada, recommended immunization schedules for children & adolescents ages 0 – 18, handouts for parents with answers to some of the most common questions regarding immunization, and more.

Other Toolkits and Resources:

Immunization Action Coalition: Vaccinating Adults - A Step by Step Guide

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center

CDC: Talking with Parents about Vaccines

Tools to Assist Satellite, Temporary, and Off-Site Vaccination Clinics

ACOG: Immunization Toolkits (Tdap, Influenza, HPV)

ACOG: How to start an office-based immunization program

ACOG: Optimizing Immunization Programs in Obstetric-Gynecologic Practices

AAP: Social Media Toolkit

AAP: Billing, Contracting, and Payer Tools

AAFP Vaccine Coding: Coding for Vaccine Administration

NACCHO: Billing for Clinical Services (Public Health)

Nevada State Immunization Program: Immunization Toolkit for WIC Staff

Vaccine Hesitancy Resources

For Questions about: Alternative/Delayed Schedules & Getting Multiple Vaccines at Once  

For Questions about: Vaccine Ingredients

For Questions about: Vaccine Safety

Healthcare Professional Resources

Patient/Parent Resources

For Questions about: Autism

For Questions about: HPV

For Questions about: Pregnant Patients and Vaccines

Healthcare Professional Resources

Patient Resources

  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnant Women Concerning Tdap Vaccination (English / Spanish)
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnant Women Concerning Flu Vaccination (English / Spanish)
  • CDC: Pregnancy & Vaccination

For Questions about: Adult Immunization

For Questions about: Flu

Healthcare Professional Resources

Patient Resources

For Questions about: Infant Immunization

Healthcare Professional Resources

Parent Resources

For Questions about: Religion & Vaccines

General Vaccine Hesitancy Resources

For Healthcare Professionals

For Parents

For Questions about: Finding Reputable Immunization Education Resources

Good Source vs. Bad Source: Ways Parents/Patients Can Properly Evaluate Credible Online Health Information