Get Involved

With more than 100 partners statewide, Immunize Nevada offers dozens of opportunities to spread knowledge and education on the importance of immunizations. 

If you or your organization is interested in helping to improve the health of Nevada, we’d love to talk about partnering with you. We are always looking for bold and pioneering thinkers who can help us fulfill our mission throughout the state. We have many different volunteer opportunities, and your donation can help us expand the organizations reach.  


Support our Back to School Campaign:

It takes a community to ensure all students start school on time and stay healthy throughout the school year.

Find your role in the Back to School Immunization Campaign.

  • Volunteer: Sign-up to help at a back to school event.
  • Advocate: Follow-us on social media, spread accurate immunization messages and share your vaccine stories.
  • Vaccinate: Make sure your network of friends and family are protected.
  • Donate: Every dollar donated helps remove a barrier for a student to improve and protect their health. For example, a $500 donation can keep a Nevada Title I school classroom and its teacher healthy during flu season. $150 can protect an uninsured tween from important diseases like pertussis, HPV and Meningitis.

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