Keeping our communities healthy from influenza every season requires a commitment to prevention by all. Immunize Nevada calls on community members to do their part and make flu prevention a health priority for all. We've compiled these resources to help save you time, and help keep you and your community healthy this flu season.

Key Messages

  • The CDC recommends a flu vaccine as the best way to protect against flu
  • Everyday preventive actions like covering your cough, staying away from people who are sick and washing your hands often can help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses like the flu.
  • Influenza antiviral medications are an important second line of defense against the flu.

Leading by Example

  • Healthcare professionals: to demonstrate the importance of influenza vaccination by getting vaccinated themselves and by recommending the vaccine to each and every one of their patients and their staff.
  • Employers: to keep employees productive and healthy by encouraging vaccination by either offering the vaccine on-site in the workplace or displaying information on vaccination locations in the community.
  • Child care and school administrators: to keep children healthy and in school, and help prevent the spread of disease by encouraging parents, students, and staff members to be vaccinated.
  • Insurers: to promote prevention to their members by sharing information about influenza and providing resources on convenient locations to be vaccinated and by encouraging employers to promote vaccination to their employees.
  • Legislators: to advocate for preventive health in their communities by making vaccination clinics a priority and to demonstrate their support by being vaccinated themselves.