25 years is a BIG deal

As we head into 2020 - 25 years of promoting health and preventing disease is a BIG deal, so we have 25 ways you can celebrate - that also help Immunize Nevada.

And the Nominees Are…

Our “virtual” Big Shots celebration is this Friday and to kick off the countdown, we’re highlighting all the amazing nominated community members, healthcare partners, and vaccine advocates chosen by their peers in recognition of their commitment to promoting health and preventing disease across Nevada.

Don't wait until it's too late - get insured!

Our partners at Nevada Health Link have put together answer to some common questions. Enroll in a Qualified Health Plan by December 15!

#TeamVaccine is Thankful

Immunize Nevada staff share what they are thankful for, just in time for Thanksgiving!

#ShotsThoughts and #Jeans4Vaccines

#TeamVaccine shares their thoughts on the shots yet to be available that they think would save lives!

A Paddler's Perspective

Two dragon boat paddlers smile while wearing life vests.

In addition to helping us promote health and prevent disease, participants have the time of their lives! But don't take our word for it, here are some thoughts from those who have raced with the dragons!

Cut the line! Get no-cost back-to-school vaccines now with a Vaccine Voucher.

Find out where to get a vaccine voucher and how to use it for your child’s school-required immunizations.

Announcing Nevada’s Award-Winning Clinics and Healthcare Providers Meeting Healthy People 2020’s Immunization and Infectious Diseases Goals

These clinics, providers, and healthcare professionals across Nevada are recognized for their excellent immunization rates in protecting infants, children, and adolescents from vaccine-preventable diseases. Thank you to all the participants for your continuing efforts to keep our communities strong and Nevada protected through vaccination!

Announcing the Annual 21st Silver Syringe Awards Winners

It has already been a year since the 20th anniversary of the Silver Syringe Awards and now they’re back. Immunize Nevada will host the 21st Annual Silver Syringe awards in Reno and Las Vegas to coincide with National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), April 27 – May 4.

Public Health is Power!

It’s National Public Health Week! Every year, public health organizations and agencies unite to highlight the importance of public health in our communities and across the world. This week gives public health practitioners the opportunity to highlight key issues and call for action. In celebration of this movement and NPHW, our staff shared their thoughts about public health!