An Open Letter to Busy Parents: Here’s a Reason to Make Time for Flu Shots

It was the most helpless I’ve ever felt as a mommy. And it was potentially deadly. My baby, 4 years old and so very tiny, is the real face of the flu.

Join us at the 12th Annual Nevada Health Conference

Immunize Nevada is bringing together over 250 attendees from across the country, state, and region to map a roadway to a healthier Nevada.

Where Can My Child Get a Flu Shot?

If your child has insurance, Nevada Check Up, or Medicaid; they may be eligible to get vaccinated at your local, in-network pharmacy at no-cost.

Terrified of lice? Doctor says THESE are far scarier

Did you know vaccines prevent diseases (like influenza) far more contagious and dangerous than head lice? 

Investing in Public Health is Good for Nevada

With public health crises regularly occurring in our region, it is crucial Congress preserves The Prevention and Public Health Fund.

Vaccines Not Just for Babies

The Unity Consortium recently released results from a national survey of parents, teens and healthcare providers that revealed some major areas for improvement in preventive health communications to teens.

Public Health Funding in the Cross Hairs

Recent threats to the ACA and the Prevention Fund should give Nevada health leaders and policy makers considerable pause.

Medicaid Helps Prevent Disease

Medicaid enables access to a wide range of providers, offers coverage of recommended vaccines, and ensures children start school on time.

Public Health. It's Vital to Nevada.

The Senate is now considering two crucial pieces of legislation that could have devastating consequences on vaccines: the AHCA and the FY 2018 budget.

A Perspective on Polio: Then and Now

In the United States in the 1940’s through the 1950’s, polio was widespread, crippling over 35,000 people each year.