Immunizations for Youths Experiencing Homelessness

Community Action Plan to Increase Immunization Rates for Youths Experiencing Homelessness in Washoe County

We are working to increase immunization rates among youths experiencing homelessness in Washoe County. The youth age bracket includes young people 24 and under, with a specific focus on school-aged children, since schools allow homeless youth to enroll without vaccination records.

Goals for the first year of this plan:

  • Reach out to key partners needed to make this project successful and contact those organizations to create a task force working to improve immunization rates for homeless youths.
  • Work with partners to determine best practices for communicating with the population of youths experiencing homelessness in Washoe County – events, flyers in shelters and buses, doctor offices, etc.
  • Distribute resources to young people in need of information at various events and places where they frequent, i.e. the Homeless Youth Point in Time count, Project Homeless Connect, and the Eddy House.
  • Keep track of the number of homeless youth that are getting vaccinated at targeted events in Washoe County.
  • Work with Nevada WebIZ and Infinite Campus, Washoe County School District’s data management system, to develop measurements that can be used to assess progress.
  • Host immunization clinics targeted towards youth experiencing homelessness, with a focus on infectious diseases that are more prevalent in this population

​We welcome our partners to provide feeback on the Community Action Plan. Please e-mail Rachel Quattrin with any suggestions. 

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