2015 Highlights

As 2015 comes to a close, please join us in celebrating these great highlights from the past year!  It is only through the support and collaboration of our strong coalition of partners, volunteers and funders that we have been able to achieve so much progress in promoting health and preventing disease across Nevada.

In 2015, Immunize Nevada committed to expanding programs, staff and services to southern Nevada. Reaching more individuals through community outreach and increasing access to vaccines was an important focus and will continue to be in 2016. With this expansion, the number of individuals reached with immunization and health resources increased dramatically. 

In 2015, Immunize Nevada introduced a more formalized volunteer program in addition to the existing student internship program. The support of community volunteers helped Immunize Nevada achieve a drastic increase in programs and services by providing support at events, on special projects and administrative help.

The monthly NILE Webinars, 2015 Nevada Health Conference, Immunization 101 and other trainings available to healthcare professionals connected individuals with free or low-cost continuing education opportunities. Additional HPV and Meningitis CME opportunities expanded knowledge about recommended adolescent vaccinations to our healthcare provider community.

Reaching rural, frontier and urban communities with immunization and health resources has always been a focus of Immunize Nevada. In 2015, the Immunize Nevada team connected with even more areas of Nevada through events, trainings and outreach. 

2015 provided an opportunity to expand our immunization information campaigns. Through the support of our partners in crafting compelling messages, helping distribute materials and donating to increase the reach of our efforts, we were able to expand the reach and effectiveness of the information campaigns. The results were a dramatic increase in the number of pro-immunization impressions over the previous year.

In response to the 2015 measles outbreak, Immunize Nevada took a more assertive approach to using social media as a tool for raising awareness about immunizations and preventive health. The effort continues to acheive significant results in more followers, post shares and impressions. 

Increasing the effectiveness of the websites managed by Immunize Nevada (immunizenevada.org, influencenevada.org & vfcnevada.org) was an important focus for 2015. Through a strategy to provide more engaging, user-friendly content and dynamic resources online, the use of the websites increased over 2014.