Dec 22, 2016

Why Do You Get the Flu Vaccine Every Year?

We asked Nevadans why they get the flu vaccine. Here were their answers!

Q: Why do you get a flu vaccine every year?

Delmo Andreozzi
County Commissioner for Elko County

“I get immunized every year. The proof is in the pudding. It’s just another way to protect myself, my family, and the people I care about and love.”

Ethan Bair
Rabbi, Temple Sinai
“As a rabbi, I shake a lot of hands, visit our community members in the hospital and interact with a lot of people. I will get the flu shot this year to protect everyone in my synagogue and the surrounding community. Health has to come first, zie gesund!”

Oscar Delgado
Reno City Councilman
Ward 3
“Vaccinations play a huge role in keeping our emergency rooms accessible for emergencies rather than issues that could have been
prevented by immunizations. It’s no secret that when you’re sick, you’re not a productive learner or worker. That hurts us all.”

Caroline Byerman
Las Vegas Mom
“We get immunized because it keeps our family healthy. We also get immunized because there are some people in our society who cannot get immunized because their immune system is compromised. If we don’t protect ourselves, we could get them sick. Some cases of the flu could endanger us all.”

Cherie Jamason
President and CEO, Food
Bank of Northern Nevada
“I get a flu shot every year to protect not only myself and my family, but our staff at the Food Bank. Our team of 60 staff members work hard to bring food and services out to the community and we cannot afford to get sick – people are counting on us.


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