Reflections on the 7th Annual Nevada Health Conference

The 7th Annual Nevada Health Conference was a huge success! We are thrilled that more than 250 healthcare professionals spent several days with us despite facing budget challenges and being stretched thin in their practices.

Completing the preventive health and wellness puzzle can be challenging when families are lacking insurance, access to resources and more. Those in our communities might be struggling to find places to get immunized, seeking support for breastfeeding or managing their chronic health condition. They also may be unemployed or face the challenge of putting food on the table, accessing transportation or finding safe child care. Sometimes the pieces might not be the right shape, color or size, but we all have a role in making sure that the puzzle is assembled. The reality is that sometimes we have to switch roles to fully understand the steps needed to make that happen.

The ultimate goal of this year’s conference was for healthcare professionals to step out of their everyday roles into one that might be new. With the support of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, this goal was achieved through integrating three preventive health areas into the conference – immunizations, chronic disease health promotion and maternal, child and adolescent health.

We’re grateful to our dozens of sponsors who make this conference possible each year. Amerigroup continues to be an integral partner with immunization outreach and access to healthcare. We’re thankful for their commitment to Nevada and for their gold sponsorship. In addition, Walgreens continues to be a model community partner, helping reach the uninsured this flu season by partnering with Immunize Nevada for community clinics, spearheading Vaccinate Nevada Week during December, and providing a silver sponsorship for the conference. A special thanks, also, to our bronze sponsors including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Nevada WebIZ, Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur and the Vaccine Center. Thank you!

Finally, we also extend our gratitude to the speakers who traveled near and far to share their expertise, as well as a special thank you to all of our staff, committee members and exhibitors. Your continued commitment, support and enthusiasm helps energize each of us and ensures the conference’s continued success.

We hope those who attended the conference have a renewed passion for their work, and that they left exhausted but inspired. If you didn’t make it this year, we look forward to seeing you in 2014 in northern Nevada.