Nov 14, 2016

Local family bonds over flu vaccine. Seriously.

“Flu immunizations are not a hard sell in our family.  My husband and I are rooted in public health and understand that influenza can be a serious illness, even for those of us who are healthy.

I have witnessed and heard too many heartbreaking stories where real people, including children, who have died from complications of the flu — and to be clear — flu is easily preventable.

So every year, Dan and I schedule a “flu shot date night,” which includes all of the makings for romance — including a strong shot of prevention. Seriously: We get the flu vaccine together.

Years past it was “2 for flu,” however, this year, knowing how hectic our schedules have become, we included our kiddo in our annual flu date to make sure we did not lose track and miss the opportunity to protect him against the flu as well. 1 +2 for flu!”


Christi Mackie

Chief, Bureau of Child, Family, and Community Wellness

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health

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