Immunization Rates Improve for Children and Teens in Nevada

RENO, NEV. (September 11, 2015) – Immunize Nevada and the Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health are pleased to announce that the recently released 2014 National Immunization Survey (NIS) shows improvements in immunization coverage ranking and vaccine coverage rates in Nevada. 

Nevada’s immunization coverage ranking for children aged 19-35 months is now 38th in the nation, an improvement from 48th in 2013. This ranking reflects a 3 percent increase in the vaccine coverage rate for the early childhood age group to 67.7 percent. 

In the NIS for Teens, Nevada ranks 25th in the nation for 13-17 year olds having at least one dose of Tdap vaccine, with 88 percent coverage. Nevada also saw increases in adolescent coverage rates for:

·        MCV (meningococcal vaccine) at 66 percent

·        HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination in both girls and boys.

o   HPV 1-dose girls 54 percent and series completion of 32 percent

o   HPV 1-dose boys 43 percent and series completion of 16 percent

”It’s encouraging to see our state and local efforts continue to have a positive impact on childhood and adolescent immunization rates,” said Karissa Loper, Program Manager for the Nevada State Immunization Program. “Of course there is always room for improvement, and that’s why we will continue to work closely with Immunize Nevada and the county health districts to educate healthcare providers, parents, policy-makers and all community members about the importance of vaccinations for all ages.”  Loper also highlighted that Nevada doubled the percentage of boys finishing the HPV vaccination series, which is a crucial step in preventing devastating oral and neck cancers that are rising significantly in males.

“Nevada has worked tirelessly to improve our immunization rates, and it’s because of our dedicated partners and healthcare providers that our coverage rates continue to increase,” said Heidi Parker, Executive Director at Immunize Nevada. “Outreach efforts and collaborative partnerships will continue to expand as we strive for our rates to meet Healthy People 2020 goals.”

Loper also noted that Nevada’s high coverage and low school exemption rates are part of the reason Nevada has not experienced a large number of outbreaks including measles and whooping cough, which have negatively impacted our neighboring states like California and Washington.

Immunize Nevada advocates for and educates about the benefits of vaccines and fosters statewide collaboration to achieve Nevada’s health priorities. Immunize Nevada’s vision is for healthy communities across Nevada being protected from vaccine-preventable disease. For more information, visit


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