Nov 14, 2016

Healthy Life, Healthy Business: Restaurant owner knows the importance of immunization.

Jesus "Chuy" Gutierrez is a really busy man. In his restaurant in Reno, he has perfected the art of multitasking, aside from being the head cook, sometimes he subs in as a waiter and between other tasks, supervises eight employees six days a week.

To accomplish this many tasks, 49 year old Gutierrez, has to be in good health for his clients in Mari Chuy’s Mexican Kitchen.

That’s why, every November, he gets a flu vaccine. His wife, Maria, and their two small children get vaccinated at the same time in the Washoe County  Health District or in a private clinic.

"The vaccine against the flu is highly recommended, especially when one is around a lot of people," Jesus Gutierrez said recently.  "It’s really important to stay healthy and physically ready, because we are in the food and beverage industry. If someone is sick, they can get other people sick."

Gutierrez and his wife opened Mari Chuy’s Mexican Kitchen in the year 2013 in a colorful building that shines for its cleanliness.

She, along with her husband, values the importance of being vaccinated against the flu.

"It’s of great importance to prevent us from getting sick," said Maria Gutierrez, the bookkeeper for the restaurant. On the arrival of the flu season, the Gutierrez family recommends their eight employees to also get vaccinated.

By Edgar Sanchez

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