Dec 12, 2016

Be A Holiday Hero Today!

During the holiday season, we all try to be heroes.

We decorate the house. We make lists. We plan holiday parties. We find the perfect presents for our family, friends, neighbors, teachers — and even the pet sitter. We make resolutions. We bake, we craft, we clean.

And many of us even try to help the underprivileged with a gift or meal. But what if you could actually BE a Holiday Hero by giving a simple gift to Immunize Nevada.

Being a Holiday Hero means saving lives. It means acting for the betterment of the world around you. It means being a role model, a source of inspiration for others based on your heroic skills and abilities.

When you donate just $10 to Immunize Nevada, you are saving lives, the lives of people like Janet’s mother, Tamara’s baby girl, Karen’s kids, and Monica’s students and their families, whose stories of gratitude are shared below:

Janet’s Story
“My mother needed her flu shot. She was worried about protecting her grandchildren. I was worried about her getting pneumonia. Her benefits were really confusing and I couldn’t find a place that would give her the shots. I called Immunize Nevada and they helped me figure out how to get her the shots she needed. Now she feels safe holding her newest grandson and I feel safe knowing she’s protected from flu, pneumonia and shingles.”

Tamara’s Story
“As a first time mom, everything seemed overwhelming. I read the books and heard lots of advice, but I was so worried about protecting my tiny little bundle of joy from getting sick.  In the hospital we received information from Immunize Nevada on when she needed her shots and how they helped protect her. I know I can’t protect her from everything, but Immunize Nevada helped me know when to get her shots to keep her safe from vaccine preventable diseases.”

Karen’s Story
“We just moved to Nevada this summer. I filled out all of the paperwork, but our insurance wouldn’t kick-in for a few months. The kids were settling in well and making new friends, but then my daughter came home with a letter saying she couldn’t stay in school until she got her shots. I didn’t know where to go without having insurance and our finances were really tight after the move. Immunize Nevada came to her school and gave us information on free clinics and low-cost shots. My daughter would have been devastated if she had to miss any school. I’m so glad Immunize Nevada was there to help."

Matthew’s Story
“Many of my students’ families struggle at home. We’ll do drives to help them get school supplies and many use the food assistance programs. But when they get sick, they have a hard time getting to the doctor or affording medicine. I really appreciate Immunize Nevada’s help organizing flu clinics at the school. I can’t fix all of their challenges, but at least we can help protect them from the flu so they can spend more time being healthy and in the classroom focused on learning.”

The gift of vaccination protects those who receive them from disease — sometimes even for their entire life.

*Names have been changed to ensure privacy.

Immunize Nevada

Immunize Nevada, an award winning 501c3 non profit, is widely recognized as Nevada’s trusted resource for immunizations and community health for all ages by fostering education and statewide collaboration.


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