Speaker Presentation Form

Please fill in all of your contact and presentation information in the below form. The details you provide will be used for internal planning as well as for the conference program. Please be as thorough as possible and follow the guidelines that are listed below. 

Goals and Guidelines for the Conference Program:

  1. Precise and Direct Biography: Your biography should support your professional expertise and your specialized background in and throughout your career. Your biography should be no less than five sentences and no more than 10 sentences – Please write it in a third person format.
  2. Engaging Presentation Titles: Provide a presentation title that is precise and will make attendees want to read more about your presentation in the presentation summary.
  3. Interesting Presentation Summary: Provide presentation details that will encourage attendees to sit-in on your presentation. The presentation summary is different than your course objectives, but should still support your objectives. Your presentation summary should be no less than four sentences and no more than 10 sentences.
  4. Result Oriented Objectives: Please provide 3-5 course objectives. These objectives should be able to show what the attendees will learn in your presentation.
  5. Please review this example of speaker details for our program layout and the format in which information should be provided.